Bike donation a “big thing” for young cyclist

President of the Narromine Cycle Club, Jack Cooper, presented Nathan Halbisch, 10, the bike.
Nathan has been involved with the Club for about a year and his father Glen said being presented the bike was a “big thing for him.”
Mr Halbisch said Club members believe Nathan will “go a long way” if he keeps riding.
“He’s always wanted to ride,” Mr Halbisch said.
When the bike was donated to the Club in March this year, the Bike Shoppe’s Michael Milsom said he wanted to help the Narromine Club with their aim promoting an active lifestyle and giving youth the opportunity to become sporting stars.
“Without the Club, Narromine, Trangie and surrounding towns haven’t got a lot of things,” he said at the time of the donation.
“You’ve got a lot of sporting stars out this way… so it’s about giving today’s youth the opportunity to have something to strive for.”
The Narromine Cycle Club meet every Monday at 5:30pm at Payton Park. 
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