NSW police release shocking 'ghost' video

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NSW police release shocking 'ghost' video
The NSW police force have released a terrifying 'ghost' video to their Facebook page, leaving many with shivers down their spines.
'Wanting to know who'd left a garage in a police station car park open yesterday, police reviewed the CCTV - what it showed sent shivers down our spines....' the post read.

'Just before dawn, with the car park empty and quiet, a garage, that hadn't been used in days, suddenly starts to open of its own accord. With the door half open, a broom flies out, as if propelled by a 'spirited' janitor. It stays upright, then falls to the ground and gives one final kick, looking like it's in the final throes of possession.
'A technician is currently inspecting the door. The 'possessed' broom sounds like a job for the Ghostdusters! '*Note: even though it's Friday the 13th, this is actual CCTV footage.*' What do you think of the frightening footage? Head to our Facebook page to let us know!
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