Justin Bieber: How Hailey Baldwin’s Helping Him Move On From Selena Gomez — Will It Last?


It looks like Justin Bieber’s rekindled romance with Hailey Baldwin is serious! We’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on how Hailey is helping Justin forget about Selena Gomez, and why they have such amazing chemistry!

Sorry Jelena fans, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are history! And, this time it’s for real all thanks to Justin’s model love Hailey Baldwin. The two, who were initially spotted together for the first time since 2016 at LIV nightclub in Miami on June 10, are really into each other. “Justin has almost completely forgotten about Selena lately. He is totally happy and obsessed with Hailey. They have amazing chemistry together, and he loves how devoted, loyal, and available she is to him all the time,” a source close to JB tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “He hasn’t felt so cared for in years, and it is a great thing for him,” the insider continued

Well, we have no doubts that this is true especially after seeing them on their most recent outing. On June 22, Justin and Hailey were spotted having a major make out session in an NYC park as JB was even caught caressing Hailey’s butt! It doesn’t get any more intimate than that. “Hailey has been giving Justin all of her attention, with no distractions from work, family, or her crazy career and Justin loves it,” our source added. “Selena had a crazy career, and it sometimes bothered Justin when she had to travel too much or was constantly distracted with work. But, with Hailey things are different. Hailey is occupying all of Justin’s energy so, he has no room to think about or to miss Selena at all, which is nice for a change,” the insider continued. I mean, he also doesn’t have any time to come up for air after all of that kissing!

“As far as all the PDA, while Justin tries not to think about Selena, he knows she is watching, and he doesn’t really care what she thinks. If she gets jealous or whatever, then so be it. Justin is happy right now and he is not going to change how he behaves to be sensitive to an ex-girlfriend,” the source added. Ouch! I guess we should start calling them Jailey!



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