Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s Best Mirror Selfies


There are enough steamy, drool-worthy photos between all five KarJenner sisters to last a lifetime — so we’ve narrowed it down to the hottest mirror photos between Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

After growing up with reality TV cameras pointed in their faces for the past 10 years, Kendall, 21, and Kylie, 20, have developed their own unique, bombshell styles, cultivating separate followings of their own. With impressive social media statistics (Kylie’s social media posts are worth a whopping $1 million each), the youngest KarJenner sisters combine for 202 million Instagram followers.

Sprinkled in the steady stream of those valuable social media posts are highly-‘Grammable mirror selfies, which both sisters are particularly skilled at capturing and showing off their best angles. Continue on to see the best of Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s mirror selfies.

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(Photo: Instagram / @kendalljenner)

Taken in the fall of 2017, Kendall shows off an itsy-bitsy yellow (non) polka dot bikini during a trip to the Bahamas. The old-school disposable camera may give the photo a slightly grainy edge, but we’re basking in the scenery regardless.

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(Photo: Instagram / @kyliejenner)

In one of her most revealing photos ever, Kylie wears a mesh see-through bra that shows off her curves and flat stomach with just the edge of black lingerie underwear showing as well. The sexy ensemble shows off her iconic hourglass figure that she and her sisters are known for.

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(Photo: Instagram / @kendalljenner)

It seems Kendall is privy to showing off two types of views in some of her mirror selfies; in this one, we can see the coast of somewhere beautiful in the background of her brown bikini shot. Her brown suit is matched by her brown manicure and brown locks, as well as a bronzed, tight tummy.

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(Photo: Instagram / @kyliejenner)

In one of Kylie’s first post-pregnancy mirror selfies, she shows off her figure that already looked to be bouncing back from carrying baby Stormi. Not to be missed is her “Kylie” phone case, which may have been the entire point of the photo — much of her name-branded merch is available on her website. Plus, those boots deserve a “like” at the minimum.

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(Photo: Instagram / @kendalljenner)

Kendall shows off her curvy hips and a subtle tan line in this fire engine red shot. She pulls up the edge of her one-piece swimsuit ever-so-slightly to reveal a sexy shot of her side while showing off her peachy posterior simultaneously.

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(Photo: Instagram / @kyliejenner)

Ever the trendy queen, Kylie dons a gold velvet bikini in a photo that quite honestly may have summed up 2017 in a nutshell. She appears to be in a large luxurious bathroom complete with a chaise lounge and enormous walk-in shower — but the center of attention is still focused on her curvy body, enhanced by her long, flowing, jet-black locks.

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(Photo: Instagram / @kendalljenner)

Kendall gets creative with this mirror shot that’s actually taken in a particularly reflective glass door. We can tell Kylie is wearing an aquamarine bikini that matches the pool water behind her, and striking a fabulous pose (with some help from a friend, of course). Her trim figure looks even slimmer in the door’s wonky reflection, giving her an extra boost to that supermodel look for which she’s so well-known.

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(Photo: Instagram / @kyliejenner)

It’s not exactly a secret that Kylie and her sisters love to flaunt designer labels, but this Louis Vuitton-clad photo is hard to miss. She struts her stuff in a black bikini, but also makes sure to catch her Louis Vuitton backpack in the mirror’s reflection as well.

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(Photo: Instagram / @kendalljenner)

In a trendy top knot and scrappy green bikini, Kendall shows off her bikini body technically not in a mirror selfie but on one that looks like it was snapped on her MacBook laptop. She gives her best smoldering look to the camera while she props herself up on her elbow ands sticks her booty in the air.

Slide 10 of 10Slide 10
(Photo: Instagram / @kyliejenner)

Kylie’s busty frame allows her to look sexier than ever in a plain white sports bra and black thong as she poses in front of yet another bathroom mirror. We can see just a hint of the start of her curvy hips, and she also allows a glimpse at her freshly made-up face, most likely with her very own Kylie Cosmetics.



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