Love Island 2018: The Best Memes From The Show So Far


1 June 2018, 13:53

Love Island Memes 2018


Every single meme from the brand new series of Love Island. Updated weekly.

Love Island 2018 hasn’t even started yet (June 4th, everyone… set your alarms!) and the memes are already coming in thick and fast.

Last year, Twitter was the place to be every night from 9pm onwards thanks to the ENTIRE nation meme-ing the sh*t out of the show like their lives depending on it. From Chris’ contemplative sleepless night to “the floor is Amber” and Liv diving into the pool like she was competing in the 10m Springboard Freestyle at the Olympics, it was truly the best season for memes yet.

Here are all the best memes from Love Island 2018 so far. We’ll be updating this list every single night so you don’t miss a thing.

1) People are already pressed about this year’s muggy line up.

2) But as if THAT’S gonna stop anyone from wasting their entire summer in front of the TV at 9pm sharp every night…

3) It’s always hard to move on after such an intense relationship…

4) She’s either doing Love Island, or she’s going on the next season of The Bachelor.

Melania Love Island


5) Name a more iconic line up.

6) Look, it’s hard to find love in A&E, can the man live?!

Alex Love island Meme


7) Danny Dyer on Love Island? SIGN ME UP.

8) Kem and Kady are 100% their type on paper.

9) We’ve all got our own interpretations of love.




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